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PZ Series Hydraulic Disc Brake-Oilfield equipment

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    PZ Series Hydraulic Disc Brake-Oilfield equipment

PZ Series Hydraulic Disc Brake-Oilfield equipment

PZ Series Hydraulic Disc Brake
Redundancy design is adopted, and which can provide safe and reliable braking torque for the drilling rig.
The control system adopts valve block embedded connection structure, which can reduce quantity of external hose.
By virtue of working brake, parking brake, over-roll protection, and emergency brake functions, and it also has automatic protective functions for power, air and hydraulic failures.
Equipped with the dual electric pumps and multi-accumulator, and also equipped with the hand pump, heater unit and cooling system, which can supply the reliable hydraulic power for the hydraulic disc brake.
In the field of oil drilling and production equipment, the hydraulic disc brake is mainly used as the main brake for drilling drawworks of the workover rig and the rig.
Model of Product
Commonly used product models are: PZ30, PZ40, etc.

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