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Hydrauli Winch YJ5T-2A-Oilfield equipment

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    Hydrauli Winch YJ5T-2A-Oilfield equipment

Hydrauli Winch YJ5T-2A-Oilfield equipment

YJ5T-2A Hydraulic Winch
The YJ series hydraulic winch is driven by a hydraulic motor, and complete with hydraulic control brake. It has characteristics of small volume, light weight, low noise, large lifting torque, high efficiency and convenient installation.
Equipped with a wire line guard (optional), which can keep the wire line be organized, which also can prolong the service life of the wire line.
Technical Specification of YJ5T-2A Hydraulic Winch
Model: YJ5T-2A
Rated Pressure: 16MPa
Rated Pull (the 1st layer wireline): 5,000kgf
Suitable Wireline: Φ16mm
Speed of wireline: 17-25m/min
Capacity: 120m
Layers of wireline: 5
Speed of Winch: 0-16rpm
Weight: 462kg

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