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Angle Box JX240D-Oilfield equipment

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    Angle Box JX240D-Oilfield equipment

Angle Box JX240D-Oilfield equipment

Angle Box JX240D
The JX240D angle box is driven by a pair of vertical bevel gear pairs. And the input shaft is connected with the output shaft of the transmission through a transmission shaft, and then the power is changed the direction by the bevel gear, the power is output to the mud pump through the two pulleys mounted on the end of the output shaft.
The JX240D angle box mainly consists of input shaft, output shaft, large & small spiral bevel gear, box body, bearing, other accessories, etc
Technical Specification of JX240D Angle Box
Model: JX240D
Ratio: i=39/29=1.345
Max. input speed: 1,200r/min
Max. output torque: 24,000N•m
Weight: m= 3,010kg
Overall size: 2,042x1, 454x1, 178mm

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