waterproof 16YT/YZ-4,16YT/YZ-6,16YT/YZ-9,16YT/YZ-14

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    Petroleum Youtai control plug Xian agent 16YT / GZ, YZ multi core electric connector meets the national standard GB3836.8-2003 explosive atmosphere with electrical equipment Part eighth: n provisions of the electrical equipment. Explosion p

Waterproof plug/socket [4 core, 6 core, 9 core, 14 core, 20 core, 26 core, 30 core] (16A/400V, 15A/400V, 25A/250V)

The waterproof multi-core series connector is a waterproof multi-core plug socket developed according to JB/T2729-1999 standard, which is widely used for indoor and outdoor electrical connections.
       The main technical parameters:
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +55 ° C
Working voltage: 200V/400V/500V AC
Working current: 10A ~ 25A
Withstand voltage: 2000V AC
Contact resistance: ≤1mΩ
Number of contact pairs: 4/6/9/14/20/26/30 core
Protection level: IP54
Mechanical life: 500 times
Termination method: welding
Plugs and sockets can be used for both needle and hole

 16YT/GZ-4  16YT/GZ-6 16YT/GZ-9 16YT/GZ-14
16YT/YZ-4 16YT/YZ-6 16YT/YZ-9   16YT/YZ-14
16/25YT/GZ-20 25YT/GZ-26 15YT/GZ-30 16YT-4
16/25YT/YZ-20 25YT/YZ-26 15YT/YZ-30 16YT-6
16YT-9 16YT-14 16/25YT-20 25YT-26
15YT-30 15GZ-30 16/25GZ-20 25GZ-26

һƪHUMMEL 1.209.1200.500

һƪNo spark and explosion proof 60YT-5J60GZ-5K60YZ-5K60XG