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SGX3A winch panel-Drilling instrument

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  • brand   Petroleum brand
  • model   SGX3A
  • describe

    SGX3A winch panel-Drilling instrument

SGX3A winch panel-Drilling instrument

This product is used with the logging winch to display parameters such as depth, speed, tension and differential tension in real time. It is equipped with sound and light alarm and synchronous proofing function. It has high precision for depth, speed, tension and differential tension measurement. Large range and responsive. The panel operation is flexible, simple and easy to master. The operation panel can realize the functions of depth to zero, depth setting, depth coefficient setting, synchronous calibration, tension zero adjustment, tension scale and overspeed alarm.

Main Specifications
Working environment
    1. Working temperature: -10 ° C ~ 70 ° C
    2. Humidity: ≥85%
3. Storage temperature: -40 ° C ~ 80 ° C

Technical indicators
    1. Panel depth display
            Range: - 99999.9 ~ 99999.9 m
            Resolution: 0.1 m
            Accuracy: Synchronous proof error is less than 0.5‰ (continuous calibration)
    2. Speed ​​display
            Range: 0~99999 m/h
            Resolution: 1 m/h
            Alarm setting: 9999 m/h
    3. Tension display
            Range: 0 to 9999 kg
            Accuracy: less than 5‰
            Resolution: 1kg
    4. Differential tension
            Range: -500 kg/s to 500kg/s (frequency 16Hz)
            Over limit alarm: >350kg/s
    5. power supply
    6. Other
            Panel dimensions: 450 × 230
            Panel mounting opening: 390×210

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