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SGH2000 Pumping Well Tester-Drilling instrument

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  • brand   Petroleum brand
  • model   SGH2000
  • describe

    SGH2000 Pumping Well Tester-Drilling instrument

SGH2000 Pumping Well Tester-Drilling instrument

It is used to test the depth of the pumping well, the indicator diagram, and the loss of the valve. It can also test the current diagram and the sleeve pressure as needed. The liquid level test set combines simulation and data acquisition, and has dual functions of tape recording and liquid crystal display. The load cell has three types: pressure plate type stop pumping, hydraulic type non-stop pumping, and cylindrical fixed type. There are two kinds of sounders: gunpowder and air gun.

System Features
    1. Automatic clock, human-computer interaction interface.
    2. The power map test has both wireless transmission and cable transmission.
    3. The LCD displays the liquid level and power curve in real time and stores the results.
    4. Optical code displacement.
    5. A variety of liquid level calculation methods are available for users to choose.
    6. Intelligent sound speed update.
    7. Sensitivity adjustment is convenient.
    8. A variety of load sensors are available for the user to choose from.

Main Specifications
    1. Measurable depth
            Maximum detection depth of sleeve pressure ≤0.5MPa: 2500m
            Maximum detection depth of sleeve pressure >0.5MPa: 3300m
    2. Secondary instrument paper feed speed: 100±0.5mm/s
    3. Secondary instrument paper stability: ≤0.2%
    4. Load: 0-140kN Accuracy: ±1%F·S

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