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SZJ-X workover multi-parameter instrument-Drilling instrumen

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  • brand   Petroleum brand
  • model   SZJ-X
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    SZJ-X workover multi-parameter instrument-Drilling instrument

SZJ-X workover multi-parameter instrument-Drilling instrument

  SZJ-X type workover multi-parameter is a parameter meter designed and manufactured by our company for workover rig. The measurement shows the change of various parameters of the workover rig during the operation, helping the driller to master the work status of the workover rig.
     The system consists of a PC/104 embedded computer and a touch-screen LCD-based driller display stand, a CAN bus type node box and sensors.

System Features
    1. Small size, high integration, easy installation and strong applicability.
    2. The modular structure design is realized, and it is easy to expand, and various parameters can be configured according to user needs.
    3. With PC/104 embedded computer as the core, data acquisition and processing are carried out with high reliability.
    4. The monitoring software can collect, display and store various parameters in real time, and can set relevant parameter alarm thresholds to realize sound and light alarm.
    5. The touch-type liquid crystal display has a man-machine dialogue operation and good visual effects.
    6. Various data can be transmitted to the base command center via GPRS to monitor the field work in real time.
    7. CAN bus connection is used between all parts of the system, which is easy to install and debug on site.
8. Good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and long-term trouble-free use.

Main Specifications
    1. Suspension weight: 0 ~ 500 × 10kN ± 1.5% F · S
    2. Turntable torque: 0 ~ 40kN · m or 0 ~ 500 scale ± 5% F · S
    3. Clamp torque: 0 ~ 100kN (expressed by the tail rope tension) ± 2.5% F · S
    4. Riser pressure: 0 ~ 40MPa ± 1.5% F · S
    5. Drilling depth: 09999.9m
    6. Turntable speed: 0 ~ 300r / min
    7. Pump speed: 0 ~ 300s / min
    8. Mud tank volume: 0 ~ 999.9m3
    9. Relative humidity: 0 to 90%
    10. Working voltage: 85 ~ 264VAC 47 ~ 63Hz 9 ~ 36VDC
    11. Working temperature: -30 ° C ~ 70 ° C

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