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IDS2000 Multi-parameter Drilling Instrumentation System-Dril

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  • brand   Petroleum brand
  • model   IDS2000
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    IDS2000 Multi-parameter Drilling Instrumentation System-Drilling instrument

IDS2000 Multi-parameter Drilling Instrumentation System-Drilling instrument

Application Areas
IDS2000 Multi-parameter Drilling Instrumentation System is co-manufactured by American Petron Inc. and Hubei Jianghan Petroleum Instrument & Meter Co., Ltd. It is mainly used to acquire, process and display variations of different engineering parameters during drilling process as hook load£¬weight on bit£¬rotary torque£¬top drive torque, top RPM, standpipe pressure£¬tong torque , Rotary RPM£¬Pump SPM1#¡«3#, mud return flow , mud pit 1#¡«8# volume, trip tank volume, total SPM, inlet mud volume, total mud pit volume, content of total hydrocarbon and H2S, height of traveling block, well depth, bit location, bit time, ton-mile, ROP and other parameters. All the parameters are acquired, calibrated, displayed and alarmed via IDS2000, and then the data are transmitted to remote computer in the toolpusher s office for display, record, storage and print. It can help drilles to judge operation situation of drilling rigs, and the information can be used for drilling optimization, trouble judging and shooting at well site, and stored as history data.
        1. Stable, reliable and advanced.
        2. A complete set of drilling parameters can be chosen and combined freely.
        3. A password is  required when changing computed engineering values of all parameters, thus mistaken changes can be voided.
        4. Engineer units of parameters can be selected between metric and imperial units.
        5. Equipped with special cable that is corrosion-resistant, oil-proof, waterproof, fire-resistant, low temperature resistant and salt-fog resistant, and sealed, water-proof and explosion-proof connectors are used.
        6. Explosive-proof performance of the whole system is reliable.
        7. System features modularized structure and convenient maintenance.
        8. Core of the system: DAQ and display unit (IDS2000) and necessary software, communication box and key sensors are all imported from USA Petron Inc. and other countries so that the system is of advanced technology, high performance and reliability.
Parameters Measuring Range Accuracy Response time Maximum Installation Distance
Hookload and WOB 0¡«500×10kN ±2¨GF.S    
Rotary torque 0¡«40kN·m
(Display mode;0¡«500scale)
Tong torque 0¡«100kN(in tail line pull) ±2.5¨GF.S    
Mud pressure 0¡«40MPa ±1.5¨GF.S    
Depth 0¡«9999.9m      
RPM 0¡«300r/min      
SPM of Pump 1 and 2 0¡«300storkes/min      
Mud flow 0¡«100¨G ±2¨GF.S    
Mud density 0.8¡«2.0g/cm3 ±0.02g/cm3    
Total gas 0¡«100¨GLEL(lower limit explosive concentration) ±5¨GLEL(F.S) <15seconds
H2S 0¡«100ppm ±5¨GF.S <60seconds 1000m
Working temperature -30¡«70¡æ      
Relative humidity 0¡«90¨G      
Mud pit volume 0¡«999.9m3(seven pits can be used)      
Working voltage 220VAC±10%,47¡«63Hz      

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