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JZ700 WEIGHT INDICATING SYSTEM -Drilling instrument

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  • brand   Petroleum brand
  • model   JZ700
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    JZ700 WEIGHT INDICATING SYSTEM -Drilling instrument

JZ700 WEIGHT INDICATING SYSTEM -Drilling instrument

Application Areas
JZ700 Weight Indicating System is an instrument used to record and indicate changes of hookload and weight on bit of drilling tool during well drilling process in petroleum and geological prospecting fields, which can help drillers to judge operation situations of drilling tools and obtain working drilling parameters.
     The system is characterized by reasonable structure, easy installation, high accuracy and simple maintenance. It can meet the requirement of 9000-meter offshore drilling rigs and whose connection parts can be exchanged with weight indicator of other types.
Main Technical Parameters and Specifications
        1. JZ700 Weight Indicating System matches Offshore 9000-meter Drilling Rigs.
        2. JZ700 Weight Indicating System is composed of deadline anchor, bourdon spring tube weight indicator and connection hose.
        3. Deadline anchor assembly consists of deadline anchor and sensator.
        4. Technical Specifications:
            Deadline model:JZG60
            Maximum deadline pull:600kN
            Error of output pressure of deadline anchor£º±1.0%F•S
            Allowable error of weight indicator£º±1.0%F•S
            Allowable error of weight indicating system£º±1.5%F•S
            Sensitivity: 30.0 kN
            Slickline diameter:Φ42mm¡¢Φ45mm
            Installation mode£ºon the drilling platform(vertical)
            Load range: 12 lines:600x12=7200kN£»14lines: 600x14=8400kN

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