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STG Iron Roughneck-Drilling instrument

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    STG Iron Roughneck-Drilling instrument

STG Iron Roughneck-Drilling instrument

Iron roughneck is the most advanced variable torque spinning equipment at present. It is used for make-up or break-out of connection of drill pipe, casing pipe as well as other pipe handling operations and can improve significantly production efficiency and safety. It is one of the important automation equipment for modern drilling / workover operations.
Main Technical Specifications
        1. Mechanical properties
            (1) Tubular connection OD range: 108216mm4 1/4″8 1/2″
            (2) Spin speed: 80RPM
            (3) Spin torque: 3050 Nm
            (4) Max. make-up torque: 81350 Nm
            (5) Max. break-out torque: 108500 Nm
            (6) Connection height range: 7651725 mm 3068 in
            (7) Horizontal travel: 1400 mm 55 in
            (8) Vertical travel: 960 mm 38 in
        2. Relevant parameters at hydraulic station
            (1) Working voltage: AC380V±10%
            (2) Max. working current: 130A
            (3) Control mode: manual/automatic switch
            (4) Max. system operation pressure: 25MPa
        3. Environment parameters
            (1) Working temperature: -20-70
            (2) Waterproof grade: IP65
            (3) Explosive-proof grade: EXd BT4
        1. Adjustable torque control
        2. Makeup and breakout operations are conducted automatically with preset torque
        3. Stable, safe and reliable operation.

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