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Single flow valve - Oilfield equipment.

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    Single flow valve - Oilfield equipment

Single flow valve - Oilfield equipment

This product is designed and manufactured in full compliance with API Spec 6A, Code for Wellhead and Tree Equipment, and can be used with equipment kits that comply with API Spec 6A specifications at home and abroad.
The valve is a check valve, which relies on the pressure of the medium to achieve a metal-to-metal seal between the valve core and the valve body. The pressure of the medium is relatively large, and the sealing performance is better. Line pressure can be withstood at any time in the valve cavity.
The valve body is made of alloy steel forgings, has strong mechanical properties, can withstand high pressure, and has safe and reliable performance.
The bonnet and the valve body are bolted, and the sealing member is sealed on the valve cover by the sealing ring on the valve cover, and the sealing performance is reliable. It provides a small clearance between the bonnet and the valve body (designed as 0), which reduces the erosion of the bolts and tapped holes by the corrosive medium and reduces the bolt load.
The valve core and the valve body sealing surface are welded with hard alloy to make it have good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. The valve core is made of sulfur-proof material, and other parts adopt the method of limiting hardness, so the valve can be in the environment containing H2S. Used in.

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