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Z23X-35 Series Mud Gate Valves-Oilfield equipment

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    Z23X-35 Series Mud Gate Valves-Oilfield equipment

Z23X-35 Series Mud Gate Valves-Oilfield equipment

Z23X-35 series mud gate valve is mainly used in oil well mud circulation system equipment for controlling mud circulation and closing. The connection type is trapezoidal connection, quick and convenient to install, strong rigidity, safe and reliable, and the valve seat and gate valve adopt parallel elastic seal. The sealing effect is good and the opening is light. Both ends of the valve are connected and sealed with the pipe; the movable street combined with the O-shaped rubber sealing ring with spherical contact is not required to have straightness at both ends of the pipe when installing and the sealing performance is good.

model Z23X-35-DN50 Z23X-35-DN50 Z23X-35-DN80 Z23X-35-DN100
Working pressure 500035      
The way to 2"(50) 2 1/2"(65) 3"(80) 4"(100)
Working medium mud      
Connection Type Hammer union      
Connector connection size Tr120×6 Tr130×6 Tr150×6 Tr180×8
Structure length (L) 205 235 270 330

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