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Today Zeefax has the technical expertise and manufacturing facilities in the UK to build complete turnkey SCR packages for drilling rigs.

Systems can be built based on the long-time proven technology of the established Hill Graham/Ross Hill design model, or incorporate modern digital technologies for state-of-the-art control systems.

Land Rigs

Complete, bespoke Power Control Houses for land-based installations with generator controls, drilling motor drives and MCCs on a transportable, skid-based, air-conditioned enclosure. These rugged packages, manufactured entirely in the UK are built to withstand the rigours of transportation over rough terrain and harsh environments.


A total power solution for offshore installations with class approval from ABS, Lloyds, DNV, Rina, Germanischer Lloyd, Canadian Coastguard and other authorities. Zeefax can design and build drilling switchboards to suit any application, with switchboard sizes up to 6000A (600V) and 100kA fault rating.

System Upgrades

Joton  has the engineering expertise and experience to design, build and install upgrades to existing systems.

Where additional generating capacity is required, we can conduct a fault level study and examine the feasibility of upgrading a system and follow that up with a modification and manufacturing program to complete the job.

Modern drilling practices demand additional mud pumping capabilities which was not envisioned in older systems. Joton can revitalise a rig by adding a third Mud Pump and add-on mini console.

Control Modules & Printed Circuit Boards

Joton 's unique experience and expertise has allowed the company to design, manufacture, supply, repair and calibrate many of the control modules used on Ross Hill and Hill Graham systems. As well as the standard analogue AC and DC control modules, we are able to repair Hill Graham's Field Regulator modules, DFC (Digital Frequency Controller) and VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) modules. Furthermore, we have developed and brought to market an exact replacement for Ross Hill's obsolete AutoSync module with an improved digital design which occupies the exact same footprint and is exactly pin compatible.

We have the capability to re-manufacture most of Hill Graham's printed circuit boards, or engineer improved solutions where required.

This means that equipment manufactured up to 30 years ago is still fully supported by Joton , and can continue to provide a return on investment well beyond the normal life expectancy.

Training Equipment

Joton  built the world�s first full-size training simulator, and are able to design and supply purpose-built training equipment for safe training of engineers and technicians.


The 40 foot long, self-contained simulator includes operator and instructor work-stations, where trainee activities can be viewed and assessed, and known faults can be selectively introduced during tests and assessments. The Power Control Room also contains a PLC training station, complete with graphical display, facilitating training in the use of PLC controlled systems, including troubleshooting and component replacement.

We can also provide standalone SCR and Generator sections for hands-on training in dealing with realistic breakdown scenarios in a safe and controlled environment, and AC and DC module simulators for the repair of, and training on, Hill Graham and Ross Hill type control modules.

Land Rig Switchroom
SCR Power Control HOUSE (PCH) containing a 4x5 SCR switchboard (4 generator control section, 5 SCR sections) and MCC

Jack-Up Switchroom
U-shaped SCR switchboard for a Jack-Up with 5 generators and 6 SCR sections, PLC control and 600V feeders

Module Simulator
AC and DC Module Simulator for training, repair, calibration and testing of Ross Hill and Hill Graham type AC and DC control modules

SCR Training Simulator
Interior of the world's first full-size SCR training simulator showing generator sections, SCRs and MCC